What We're About

Helios Global facilitates knowledge transfer from expert communities to government, the private sector, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Helios Global promotes discussion, collaboration, and networking among and between government agencies, private companies, and experts about the nature of particular threats, and the cost-effectiveness of possible responses to them.

Helios Global
provides consultancy and training to promote knowledge transfer and networking, and to improve the quality of research and analysis available to government, industry, and non-governmental organizations.

Helios Global encourages innovation in evidence-driven analysis of physical, human, economic, environmental, national, and international security.

Helios Global seeks out expertise from international sources
not only to provide better information to clients, but also to encourage local research and analysis.

Our Core Values and Operating Principles

Analytical Integrity of Products and ServicesOur commitment to objective, apolitical analysis and conclusions will never be compromised.  We will never support efforts that conflict with our ethics and values.

ResponsivenessHelios Global is “always open.” When our clients and partner organizations need us, we are always there.

An Ideal Work EnvironmentOur employees matter most.  We have an informal, flexible, collaborative work environment designed to foster creativity and innovation.  Helios Global provides an environment where professionals from different disciplines and cultures can exchange ideas and explore solutions to the most challenging security issues.

Giving BackHelios Global was not formed with financial growth or personal wealth as a primary goal or objective.  We use our profits to sustain our mission, and to support the communities and initiatives that matter to us.

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